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Lima’s Taste specializes in authentic Peruvian recipes that were passed down to chef Nelly from her Grandmother while growing up in Lima Peru. Nelly was tugging on grandma's apron as the women in the neighborhood would gather in one another’s kitchens trading recipes while preparing feasts and dinners.

Some of the dishes can be traced back to the Inca civilization - such as the Escaveche. This chicken or fish dish is seasoned with Panca peppers, vinegar and garlic. Onions and yucca surround this novel dish. The Incas used this dish medicinally for respiratory ailments.

We invite you to experience our Peruvian Ceviche. Fresh, ripe fish and seafood, absorbing and cooking in the juices of lemons & limes, spices and seasonings. This makes Peruvian Ceviche one of the healthiest foods one can treat their body to.

Experience the taste of the Causa which is a spiced up mashed potato ball stuffed with avocado and, seasoned chicken, or Russian salad, or shrimp.

Or be adventurous and try The Anticucho: skewered chunks of grilled cow heart (an amazingly tender and beautiful piece of meat comparable with fillet mignon). Speaking of fillet Mignon try the Lomo Saltado — cubes of fillet mignon, tomatoes, onions, and French fries, stir fried together and seasoned with Peruvian spices.

Lima is a seaside city in Peru, so don’t overlook the Picante — shrimp, scallops, squid and baby octopus seasoned and sautéed in a creamy pepper sauce that will take your taste palette to a new land.

There is so much more and we invite you to experience Lima’s Taste.


Jason and Nelly Godfrey

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