Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar
Peruvian Cuisine


Ceviche Pescado
fish marinated in lemon & lime juice, Peruvian spices & seasoning

Ceviche Tiradito
fish in lemon & lime juice with a creamy spicy rocoto pepper sauce

Ceviche Mixto
fish, shrimp, squid, baby octopus, & mussels marinated in lemon and lime juice

Ceviche Caliente
grilled large shrimps & scallops in spicy sauce over fried yuca

Ceviche Salmon
slices of salmon in a creamy lemon sauce

Ceviche Tuna
creamy lemon aji sauce

Ceviche Lobster
lemon & lime, garlic rocoto pepper light cream sauce.
Seasonal Prices

Ceviche Mussels
lemon & lime juice, Peruvian spices and seasonings

Ceviche Mushroom and Tofu
various mushrooms in lemon, garlic & olive oil


Ensalada Criolla
Boston Salad, avocado, cucumbers & tomatoes

Mesculine Salad
cherry tomatoes

Quinoa Salad
with beans, bacon and cucumbers


shrimp & cheese soup, with vegetables, rice & cilantro

Peruvian appetizers

Mussels a la Lima
seasoned with lemon, corn, onions, tomatoes, & cilantro

Steamed Mussels
 steaming pot of mussels in a beer butter & garlic broth

Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon
with Peruvian dipping sauce

Papa Rellena
deep fried mashed potato ball stuffed with beef, raisins & olives

Chicken Causa
spiced up mashed potato ball stuffed with chicken & avocado

Vegetable Causa
spiced up mashed potato ball stuffed with Russian salad & avocado

Shrimp Causa
spiced up mashed potato stuffed with shrimp & avocado

Cow Heart Anticucho
skewered grilled cow heart squares with crispy potato & green hot sauce

Pork Anticucho
skewered grilled pork, with crispy potato & green hot sauce

Chicken Anticucho
skewered grilled chicken with crispy potatoes & green hot sauce

Shrimp Anticucho
skewered grilled shrimp with crispy potato & green hot sauce

Tuna Anticucho
skewered grilled Tuna with crispy potatoes & green hot sauce

Salmon Anticucho
skewered grilled Salmon with crispy potato & green hot sauce


Shrimps, scallops, squid & baby octopus with rice.
Choose creamy pepper sauce or lighter lemon& wine sauce.
Add Lobster $19 additional

Fish Escaveche
Tuna, salmon or F.O.D. in vinegar &
panca pepper sauce, crispy sweet onions, yuca
$23 fish of the day
$24 Salmon
$26 tuna

Creamy Fillet
red snapper in a spicy white cheese cream sauce
$23 red snapper
$24 Salmon
 $26 tuna

breaded & crispy shrimp, mussels, scallops, squid, octopus & fish

shrimp, scallops, squid, baby octopus, chicken & sausage


Aji de Pollo
shredded chicken in a creamy yellow pepper sauce over rice

browned chicken breast in a vinegar & panca pepper sauce crispy sweet onions, yucca

Lomo saltado
sautéed chunks of fillet mignon, tomatoes, onions & French fries

Lamb Stew
hearty helpings of lamb with assorted vegetables & rice

Grilled Ribs
ribs marinated in special Peruvian sauce

Vegetarian Dishes
Daily Vegetarian Special - ask waiter


Cinnamon Flan $7
Passion Fruit Mousse $7
Chocolate Cake with Dolce De Leche $7
Suspiro (dolche de leche with marangue topping) $7.50

Wines from around the world, and
a large selection of beer including Peruvian beers.
Red or white sangria by the glass or pitcher


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Limas Taste Ceviche Bar restaurant in New York City has been serving
authentic Peruvian cuisine for 4 years. The New Jersey path train is
almost directly across from our restaurant, giving easy access to our
New Jersey customers. Patterson New Jersey has one of the largest
populations of people from Peru. Queens and Brooklyn also have large
populations of expatriates de Peru. Peruvian food picks up on many
Spanish, Latin American and South American themes but separates itself by
the unique tastes of Peru's indigenous peppers. Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar
specializes in ceviche but offers chicken, meat, vegetarian and of course
seafood dishes. Peruvian food and Peruvian restaurants are a unique cuisine
that is on the cusp of becoming mainsteam, similar to Mexican food and
Mexican restaurants. Peruvian beer, pisco, and Peru’s answer to the
margarita the pisco sour, are already a staple in many restaurants and bars
in New York. The Menu Picture Gallery has many pictures that hopefully can
express the beauty of Peruvian food. The chefs are from Peru and operating a
Peruvian restaurant in Manhattan is the ultimate inspiration for them. So
come down to the West Village in New York and enjoy Peruvian food at our restaurant.