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Healthy Salads—Lima’s Taste is committed to experimenting and sharing the natural healing elements of quinoa blue corn and lentl.
These food groups have amino acids and other curative agents documented in Inca culture to ward off heart disease and diabetes.

Quinoa and Purple Corn
Hot lentil salad
Mescaline, Tom. & cucumbers, homemade dressing
Arugala and grilled pears

Causa—spiced up mashed potato ball stuffed with avocado and choice of
Chicken, Shrimp or Russian Salad
Mussels—Large mussels with chopped onions, lemons cilantro and rocoto pepper
Green Pasta—white cheese sauce Sautéed Vegetables—with Peruvian seasoning and spices Grilled sea scallops and large shrimp with spicy Peruvian sauce over yucca
Pescado—fresh fish marinated in lemon & lime juice, Peruvian spices
Tiradito—fresh fish in lemon & lime juice with a creamy spicy rocoto pepper sauce Mixto—fish, shrimp, squid, baby octopus & mussels marinated in lemon & lime juice Salmon—fresh atlantic salmon in a creamy lemon sauce
Tuna—yellow fin tuna in a spicy lemon aji pepper sauce
Escaveche—choice of chicken, snapper, salmon or tuna finished with a vinegar and panca pepper sauce, topped with crispy sweet onions Aji de Pollo—shredded chicken in creamy yellow pepper sauce, with rice Lamb stew—Peruvian sauce with tomatoes and rice

Flan, Chocolate Cake with Dolce de Leche,
Alfajores (anise cookies with dolce de leche), Tropical Fruit Salad

Pick and choose and call for quote

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